How to Choose a Great Hamster Cage

Hamter ages cn be made from many varieties f materials, such as steel, plti, r gl. Yu can not use wood r cardbord because th hamster wll hew through those in no time. Whichevr product you pick out, it s crucial tht th cage be sufficient for our hmter t have plenty f home t run all-around, as well as space for a hamster wheel and hamster toys. A simple way of getting a cheap hamster cage is simply to use a large plastic bin that you would normally use for storage.

If you have more money to spend, you can purchase a large glass aquarium. Glass aquariums are great because you can look into and there are no openings in which the hamster can escape. You might be tempted to buy a wire mesh cage, however those are not as safe for the hamster. It is easy for drafts of cold air to affect it, and the spaces between bars are areas where the hamster (as well as any bedding material) can escape.

Once you have picked out a cage, yu will first need to line the bottom of the cage with bedding for your hamster to have some cushion for his tiny feet. You l need to have to insert me fter nesting material that th hamster cn ue to build hi nst. Yur hmtr refers n enld place – bed room, if you wll – n whih to build his nst. You cn assemble ths frm a 50% Clay flowrot or ou can buy plstic "hamstr igloo." The most important point is tht t be enlosed and personal, to resembl n underground burrw tht our hmter would dg n th wld.

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