An Overview of the Benefits of Excel Forms

The most commonly used spreadsheet application for both business and personal use is Microsoft Excel. Excel helps you to create and share your written and graphic content. It is also equipped with several innovative features for storing and manipulating data. Here are the things that you will enjoy with excel forms:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Professional looking pivot tables
  • Professional charts
  • Rich conditional formatting tools
  • Sharing
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

User-friendly interface – The basic idea of the new interface of the latest version of Microsoft Excel is to unleash more power to its users. If you are new to Excel’s latest version, you might find it difficult to work with Excel forms. Working with an excel spreadsheet can be very intimidating if you are quite new to it. You may feel lost. Instead of the old drop down menu, you have a special set of functions called the Ribbons. These Ribbons are then broken down into Tabs, each of them with distinct functions of their own. The Quick Access Toolbar in the newer versions also offers a different command structure when compared to the older versions of excel. You can effectively use the ribbons and the toolbar for creating nice excel forms.

Professional looking pivot tables – With the reconditioned pivot tables, you can actually view the data in your excel sheets in so many different ways. You can also pivot the data in the calculated fields, hence the name. Pivot tables are mainly used for sorting and filtering data. You can enter the data into their predetermined columns and rows, either manually or automatically. It may look new to you. But it is a very useful feature for creating excel forms.

Professional charts – You can create aesthetic looking charts that can be embedded into excel forms. These charts not only make your data look professional, but will also remain in the memory of the viewer (better retentive power). These charts are also a huge time-saver. People can understand your data quickly just by looking at the charts.

Rich conditional formatting tools – In the earlier versions of Excel, people had to be content with only three conditional formats for creating excel forms. But with the new version, they are able to enjoy as many conditions as they wish. There are no restrictions.

Sharing – The main purpose of excel forms is to share them with users located in other parts of the globe. People sitting at a remote location can edit, make changes and enter new data provided the cells are not hidden or protected. The excel sheets must be converted to HTML format before sending.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) – The language used in the Excel program is called VBA. With the codes provided in the language, you can easily create simple or advanced forms of data which can used as part of your excel forms. However, you have to launch the application separately because it doesn't start automatically when you open the Microsoft Excel application on your computer.

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