How To Lease Your Commercial Property

The best way to acquire your commercial property is through a lease to own master lease. This can be your first step to commercial property ownership even if you do not have a significant down payment, substantial net worth, or a great credit record. In this system, the buyer purchases the seller's property with a small or down payment.You can contact us in order to get more information about the commercial property.

Some benefits are:


  • Easy sale
  • Monthly lease payments to cover the equity on the property
  • Release from responsibilities of managing the property
  • Good monthly interest income


  • Purchase without bank or lender or appraisal involvement
  • All cash flow and profits above the master lease agreement and payment
  • Buying option at a pre-fixed price,within a specific time frame
  • Faster cash flow and equity building
  • Foreclosure if payments and terms of lease are not fully observed

Renting or buying

The needs of each business are unique and deciding to rent or buy a commercial property depends on a number of factors. Before you make any decisions, consider pulling together an advisory team to assist you. What is your company's financial health? A thorough financial analysis may be the most important first step in your decision-making process.Purchasing a commercial property usually requires a significant capital outlay for both the purchase and any related financial incidentals.

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