DUI Conviction – Penalties, Effects and Remedies

DUI or driving under the impact of alcohol or other intoxicating things is illegal in the United States. Most states have set a legal BAC limit at 0.08 percent making it unlawful to drive at or above that set limit. If a person is caught driving with that BAC level, he can get arrested. Then he can get the sentence of DUI if he is found wrong on those charges.

DUI conviction Penalties:

Penalties can be defined depending on the charge and vary from state to state. DUI conviction can be classified as misconduct and felony. Normally a DUI is a misdemeanor. A felony crime is charged when a person has many prior DUI convictions, injured another individual, caused property loss and has high BAC level. A person with a felony charge has to face stiff penalties than those with the misdemeanor charge.To know more on DUI laws you can visit http://www.omofomalaw.com/los-angeles-dui-lawyer/.

DUI conviction after effects:

A person convicted of DUI will have a consequent criminal record. It will affect him in different aspects of his life. It acts as a check to both his personal and works life for many years to come. But it can mainly change his employment. His DUI conviction will perform on his record when an employer performs a criminal background check. That would exclude him from a job that he may be highly qualified for. Likewise, driver's license halt due to DUI can affect one's employment if his job involves driving. 

Remedies to get your life back on track:

There is the solution available for those convicted of DUI and it helps them to get their life back on track. The most state allows washing or expunging DUI record. A DUI record expungement relates to erasing DUI conviction from public records. It's like a DUI never occur. Therefore, potential employers will not have access to the DUI conviction. One can even answer "no" to the question concerning criminal conviction in the job application form. 

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