We know the several effects that an IVC filter failure can have on a person, as well as the lawsuits that have been brought forward as a result of the injuries sustained by patients who have been embed with the device. However, not many people are sure of what damages have been associated with the imminent lawsuits, what they may be able to improve, and how they are affected. IVC filter failure has the potential to cause the serious outcome to a patient, with the worst case scenario resulting in death. This risk is due to the chance of some part or all of the device migrating from the inferior vena cava.You can know more about IVC filter lawsuits via http://www.bardfilterlawsuitcenter.com/bard-ivc-filter-lawsuit-lawyers.asp


Because of the potential risk of damages related to IVC filters, a lawsuit may allow you to recover economic damages for the financial losses you have suffered. Some of the economic damages you may overcome include your lost wages from missing work, medical expenses, and any other out of pocket expenses you incur related to your IVC filter.


In some areas, there is a possibility that the plaintiff would be able to recover noneconomic damages. Unlike economic damages, noneconomic damages do not have an exact monetary value, such as how much a person would have lost by no longer working. These are the types of loss that are awarded for the personal losses and suffering of the victim. This can include any disabilities or disfigurements the victim suffered, emotional trauma, lost enjoyment or quality of life, and physical pain and suffering.

If the plaintiff is the loved one of somebody who died as a result of an IVC filter failure, they may be able to seek damages for lost guidance, support, consortium, and companionship. These types of damages are often more meaningful for the victim because it can also hold the negligent party accountable for their oversight of safety measures.

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