Create Fillable PDF forms using paper forms

If you are asked to transform old questionnaire in to mail then it is better to create fillable PDF forms and distribute it through mails. Responses from the both the employee and customer can be obtained easily in the process.

In order to achieve the goal, multiple options can be seen in front of the eyes. Development of the forms can be done from bits and pieces. However, you can deliver the documents to others after scanning it. Forms can be filled by the teammates afterward. There is another option where paper documents can be converted PDF forms.

From the above options, best possible results can be noticed if you create fillable PDF forms. Therefore, it must be considered at every given occasion. Software program for the purpose can be found in the market. Use of OCR technology is noticed with PDF software now-a-days. Therefore, scanning can be done quite naturally. By providing the forms with digital structure, quality results can be achieved without hassle. The forms can be filled through the desktop. Therefore, it can be considered as a comfortable method. Issues such as unreadable texts, requirement of prints and different kinds of printing errors can be eliminated in the process. For sending the form, it must be scanned once again.

How to utilize PDF forms

Source document must be placed in a scanner of flatbed nature. Document feeder of automatic nature can be utilized for the purpose.

Due to scanned nature of the document, it can be detected by the tool easily. You can create fillable PDF forms during this time. By applying OCR technology, documents can be made editable and searchable.

From the Form tab, text field can be added to the forms.

Through a method of manual dragging, field can be placed in its exact location similar to the paper document.

Further customization can be done to create fillable PDF forms for an attractive result. Several things can be changed on the occasion such as format and value. Based on the nature of the form, basic kinds of calculations can be included as well.

Through development of PDF forms, credible results can be guaranteed. Due to presence of data at the same location, process of analysis can be made easy. Information can be retained for longer time due to paperless format. Simple nature of the submission has influenced people for increased number of submission. Therefore, PDF forms are the ultimate solution for success.


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