Why You Should Book Your Honeymoon With a Travel Agency

Just like a good tailor will custom-fit your wedding dress so that it fits you perfectly, a travel agent working at a traditional travel agency will help you custom-fit your honeymoon so that it delivers the kind of romantic experience you are looking for (and one that will be the perfect start to your happily ever after).

A travel agency will have agents who are familiar with these destinations, and what other couples have done on their honeymoons. They'll be able to recommend hotels and resorts that are well suited to romantic couples (as opposed to places that will be packed with kids). You may hop over Gerken Getaways and book a travel agency for your honeymoon.

They are also great at handling special requests (for example, candlelight dining on the beach, which is highly popular among newlyweds in the Caribbean, or picnicking on a private beach, another popular option), and because a travel agency a huge amount of business for many hotels and resorts, the can also sometimes negotiate extra amenities for newlyweds (such as welcome gifts, complimentary spa treatments, or breakfast in bed). 

Little add-ons like these can make a big difference, making a honeymoon more fun, memorable and romantic. Having worked with a travel agency is also great should there be any complications that arise during your honeymoon.

Travel agents also save couples time, an extremely precious resource when you're trying to balance a career, relationship, and an upcoming wedding. Brides- and grooms-to-be have enough on their to-do lists without having to research hotels, resorts, destinations, and shop for flights. A travel agent will be able to provide feedback, different options, and take care of all the logistics of your honeymoon, giving you more time to focus on planning your perfect wedding day.


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