Important Factors to Choose Your Hair Styles

While some people prefer to stay with their current hairstyles for a relatively long time, some other like to have experimented with their hair. They like to come up with new hairstyle ideas, making them look new from time to time.

Do you like to try new hair style ideas? Or do you want to change your current hair styles? Well, this article is good for you. There are many factors you should consider before applying certain hairstyle ideas to your hair. Here are some important factors to decide which hairstyles you should try.

Face Shapes

This is an obvious factor. Some people have round face shapes while others are more oval or even square. Face shapes have a strong correlation with hair styles. Some hairstyles look better when applied to certain face shapes, some others look worse. For example, people with square face shape should better go with curly hair styles or buns. Ponytails are also good for them. However, they should never apply blunt cuts to their hair because it will make their jaw line looks overemphasized. In the other hand, people with oval face shapes can easily go with any types of hair style. This is because oval faces are easy to highlight. Another example is for people with round face shapes. People with round face shapes are better to go with certain hair styles likes waves, curls, layers, or bangs.

Hair Types

Hair types also hold an important factor in deciding which hairstyles work better. There are people with thin hair types, others have thicker hair types. Hairstyles work differently for them, too, based on their hair types. For example, curly hair styles should be kept in its natural state because most curly hair styles are thick, and they may look weird if treated unnaturally. On the other hand, hair should not get bleached, dyed, or exposed to too many chemical substances to keep its health.

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