Considerations When Buying Bongs

There are a few things you should consider when you are trying to decide which bong to buy from Thick

Ass Glass. Glass thickness is vital in light of the fact that it decides to what extent your bong will last.

Clearly, the thicker the better, but attempt to remember the condition the bong will be utilized in. On

the off chance that it will remain in just a single room and it will be sheltered, then you don't need to

stress over the thickness of the glass. On the off chance that you have cumbersome companions and will

move with it all over the place, then attempt and get the thickest glass.

Important Considerations When Buying Bongs

Thin glass begins at a few millimeters then moves upwards to three to five millimeters-the normal

thickness. A glass that is five to seven millimeters is darn thick and difficult to break. Pick between three

and a half millimeters thickness and you will be fine. You should also consider the percolators. This is a

hotly debated issue since there are no conspicuous champs and everyone has a most loved one that he

stays with.

There are two essential things you need to search for in a percolator, which would be the measure of

drag it gives from pulling smoke through the modest openings and the smoothness it gives from

filtration. In the event that you are a first time client, you needn't bother with a percolator, yet it's great

to have them. Try not to purchase a bong with excessively numerous percolators, it may appear like a

smart thought at first, however, the drag from each one of your percolators will be difficult to clear the

chamber. Choose the shape also. For example, the tree-shaped one has great filtration and negligible

drag. An extremely prevalent decision. Honey brushes have negligible drag and awesome filtration. An

extremely well-known decision for some. Visit for more information.

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