Unique Business Card Cases

Business cards are as much a part of your business as your product or service. It separates it from all the other firms milling about and gives your company a name. And for a good looking business card, you must have a good looking case.

In fact, not only are business card cases as critical as your business cards, they can be just as unique, too! If you want to create a unique identity of your business, you may order an appropriate business card from Pure Metal Cards.

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The Designs

There is a business card case for everyone – from the surly sales assistant to the darling of the creation section. In reality, in recent years, variations in business card cases have gone beyond straightforward changes to color and feature.

There are themed business card cases, and ones that come as parts of a set now. From golf-inspired prints to abstract swirls, the layouts of and on business card cases are different and plentiful as companies themselves!

Casing the Cases

Not all business card cases are made equal. Some are thinner, sleeker, bigger, or flashier than many others. Here are some forms of business card cases that may appeal to you personally.

Vertical Silver Plated Business Card Case: This really is a unique case for special cards. Opening the case reveals the top portion of the cards, for easy accessibility. The cards are fastened snugly when you close the case.

Leather Slide Out Vibrant Color Business Card Case: When you really have an outgoing personality, this case is ideal for you! Though flashy, the case still seems professional. This case comes in various colors, for example pink, green, red, bright blue, and black.

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Personalized Golf Ball and Club Business Card Case: A hole-in-one with this case! It contains the picture of golf ball and a golf club, and might be printed with your name on it.

Flip Top Leather Business Card Case: A hit in the 1970s, this design, is back! Constructed of top grain leather, a flip top permits its owner to access 25 business cards effortlessly. Moreover, slimness and its tough shell will lengthen the life of this case. To see what a business card can do for your business, you may get directed to www.puremetalcards.com/blog/racing-ahead-of-the-pack-with-carbon-fiber-business-cards/.

Leather Id Holder and Card Case Combined: Look no further in the event that you need to keep your ID and business cards in a single place. This case includes a pocket for your ID a pocket for business cards, and also a pocket in the back for some other cards.

Business Card Case, Pencil, and Keyring Gift Set: This bundle is ideal for a graduate or a special customer. All three items are personalized for one low cost!

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