Tax Audits And Payment Problems

In Canada, tax problems cause stress, embarrassment, and financial difficulties. Common problems are as follows:

  • Inability to obtain different types of loans and finance.
  • Problems in receiving several government benefits and payments.
  • Threatened legal or prosecution action.

There is some information relating to the general problems of tax audits, failure to complete tax returns and the difficulty of paying the tax. Some tips and ideas are suggested to help constructively to reduce or solve these problems.You can know about CRA audit via HighBury Tax Solutions.


Tax professionals need to examine selected people for tax audits or questioning. These audits are generally aimed at occupations, industries, and people who are supposed high risk. 

Tax audits can check either non-disclosure of income or over-claimed abatements. In Canada, the tax company is responsible for evaluating and collecting income taxes. Generally, they also initiate tax audit programs and collect taxes.

Most tax audit actions are started by two methods The first is data-matching and comparing data held by the tax company with information received from other institutions e.g banks, other tax authorities or some other government agencies. 

The second way is by targeting high-risk groups or transactions e.g the home and construction industry, the cash economy, property transactions and negatively provided properties.


Like many problems in life, the solutions may not be as difficult as they seem. The following steps should help in many situations:

Identify accurately the problem. Have an ambitious accountant investigate the matter in a detailed and professional manner often the problem is not as large as you think. You can navigate to this website in order to solve various tax audit problems.


Many taxpayers panic because they either cannot fix the problem or them and usually wrongly assume that the tax authorities may take harsh and uncompromising response

Obtain all the important information you can. Generally, it is helpful for an accountant to have your data displayed to them in a sequential order. 

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