What is the History Of The Portable Lighting Tower

Who invented the first Compact lighting tower?

This question depends largely on your definition of a portable lighting tower. 

A broad description could include something as simple as a light or primitive torch set on a high mast to cast light over a wide area, such a device has apparently been in use since the Stone Age.

In more recent history it's unclear as to when the new lighting tower was made. You can Rent Portable Light Towers or Outdoor Stadium Offshore Lighting Rental for your respective project and work.

Examining patent applications symbolizes that machines not different to today's mobile lighting towers were being designed in the 1930s.

There was a patent from 1932 confers what might be the first device of its kind filed in US patent 1934576 and is named as a Portable floodlighting unit for airports.

The patent illustrates a body with 4 wheels at each corner (allowing the machine to be towed), a generator powered by a motor and one large electrical lamp at each end side of the vehicle.

The light tower is meant to be used to give on-demand lighting of alternative landing sites at airports on moments when the main landing areas are out of use as of unfavorable climate conditions.

The light tower can be used for the working sites at night so that the workers can see the things properly and they can save themselves from any accidents.It is very important nowadays and almost every business sector uses these light towers.

The US patent 4181929 illustrates a movable lighting tower which consists of a base frame and a vertical, extending, water-powered mast with two electrical lamps at the upper end.

The unit does not allow towing but instead is lightweight and small enough to be easily moved.You can explore go to website for various benefits of portable light towers.

 The machine also includes jack legs that are now popular place on all lighting towers to assure stability in high winds.

The portable light tower or generators have numerous benefits.It can be used in adverse climate conditions, working areas, mining sites and more than that.

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