Tips On Targeting Certain Demographics

Main Factors to Consider for Designing

a Website with Women as Its Main User Group

In case your web site will be focusing on female user base then design should be such that it meets expectations of female users. Are there any special design requirements which are to be considered for designing a site with female audience base? Let us find out.    

Female User Group and Website Designing

Custom web design TorontoColor Selection: Custom web design Toronto firms need to avoid making a site all soaked in pink color if it is targeting female audience. Normally we relate pink color with fairy land and the Barbie world but your site need not have pink as its base color. Color selection should be primarily based upon theme of your site and products you want to sell on the site. Let us look at an example to illustrate this fact. Suppose, you are creating an ecommerce site then white should be the primary color you should select. However, if the e-commerce site is for selling baby products and other related items then a mix of white and baby pink will be suitable for such site. Likewise, if it is a website for a salon or spa then red, grey and white would be the most preferred colors for such site. Many times, women shop for male products and as such sites focusing on products for men need to have neutral colors so that site appeals to visitors of both genders.

Utilization of White Space: Most women want everything to look clean as well as tidy and you need to consider this fact while developing your site. As such, custom web design Toronto companies should make sure that design looks clean by properly utilizing white space and features which can create distraction are avoided such as pop-ups.

Thoughtful Implementation of Navigation: Women tend to have a busy lifestyle where they have to manage house as well as do a job. As such, time is a constraining factor. By providing a simple to use navigation, you will be reducing the time they will have to spend finding something on your site which will result in higher conversions. Moreover, custom web design Toronto companies need to highlight navigational elements on the site by using contrasting colors so that it is easy to locate such elements.

Addition of Imagery: Designers should put special focus on addition of right imagery on the site. Here it will be important to choose images which display women as strong, independent and confident people, who are adept at things they do. In addition to it, the characters in images should also look directly at the viewer as it helps in creating an engaging experience and emotional connection with the viewer. Lastly, the images used on the site should be directly related to product or service you are providing.

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