Frustration for Children with Speech Problems

Speech problems can cause great frustration for children and parents. When children have difficulty saying words clearly they can not communicate effectively.

When the issue is increases as day by day  it can cause social and psychological difficulties. The following are a few ideas that are useful for kids

Show Me

Try having your child “show you” what he is trying to say by taking you to the product or place. To help him get the idea, practice having him “show you” even once you do understand what he wants.

If you know part of what he is trying to tell you then say that part back to him. This will let him know that at least part of the message was understood.  For more info about speech delay checkout online websites.



Do not pretend

Do not pretend to understand when you don’t. Asking , smiling and saying “yes” just makes the problem worse in the long run. Let him know that you’re sorry but you do not understand what he is trying to say.


These will help him communicate and talk sooner. Try working on a few hints at a time, maintaining a list in a convenient place like the fridge. Get the entire family to use them. Teach him how to use the signals by helping him to move his hands. Start with signs that are very inspiring – ones that will get him what he wants. Apart from this ,   Get more details on inclusion programs from


Teach your child to “trade” a picture or symbol for what he wants. One good way to begin is with labels from his favorite foods, a piece of cardboard covered with contact paper and sticky putty. For example if he wants a juice box, then he would go to the cardboard, pull off the tag and give it to you.

Start with only 1 picture and show him how to trade by tempting him with the item and enabling him to take the picture off and give it to you. After he’s got the idea, add more pictures. When he uses a very clear word consistently, get rid of the picture.

Try using different boards for different subjects: food, bath, people, places, toys, etc.. Source for pictures are: labels, catalogues, photographs, line drawings and me.

Signs and pictures never delay speaking they always help. Children naturally quit using them when they have a clear word. Evidence and pictures reduce frustration and provide you the opportunity to model the word you know he is trying to say.

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