Different Types of Microscopes

The first microscope was made hundreds of years ago. From the passing centuries, microscopes evolved into powerful, precise tools that enable scientists to view tiny objects at a level of detail that seems unreal.

Over the next hundred years, scientists Robert Hooke, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, and others further refined the work of their Janssens and used microscopes to examine blood, and other items.

Scientists have continued microscopes into the present day. Now, AOMF Raman Microscope can show tiny particles that are hidden from the naked eye in extremely exact detail.



Most frequent microscopes have two different lenses. Viewers look through the ocular lens, also known as the eyepiece. People place the object they want to examine on the point and can correct the lenses to bring the object into focus. Most microscopes have an adjustment knob for coarse focus and one for fine focus. Apart from this  , Find more about UV VIS Measurement via http://www.technospex.com/products/usight-2000/.

Many microscopes have several objective lenses with different strengths for users to select from. The lenses are arranged on a circular platform that can be rotated to have different lenses put into place under the ocular lens.

Microscopes also require a light source of some kind underneath the stage. Most commercial microscopes have a light bulb, but a lot of high-end microscopes use electrons or lasers for illumination.

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