How to lose 21 pounds in 21 days

The secret to effective weight loss is to do it quickly. The longer you drag out the weight loss process, the less motivated you remain to lose the weight.

In order to lose weight rapidly, you must have a plan that includes diet and exercise. It’s quite simple really, weight loss happens because you eat less and burn more calories. You can design your own diet and exercise plan or use the 3 week diet review and free. Whichever plan you chose, make sure you stick with it for the entire 21 days.

It may seem easy enough, but a lot of research goes into designing a diet plan. Choice of foods, when to eat, quantity to take and many other factors must be considered. Fortunately, most of this work has been done with scientific accuracy in the the 3 week diet review and free. Basically, you eat a low carb diet and restrict the calories you take.

Along with diet control, you need to work out more often. Schedule in a workout daily. Use light weights to burn even more calories during the workouts. With only 21 days, you cannot afford a rest day so split your workout routine. Work the upper body one day and the lower body the next.

Eat less carbs, smaller portions, and workout daily for 21 days and you could lose 21 pounds.

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