How Advanced security training equips security officers with needed skills

What is the Usefulness of Advanced Security Training for Close Protection Officers?

Advanced security training equips a close protection officer with required knowledge and skills to perform his or her duties in correct manner. Some important aspects they get to learn from such training include value of proper communication and usefulness of first aid. Let us look at both in the following sections.

Benefits of Advanced Security Training for Close Protection Officers

Value of Proper Communication

advanced security trainingAdvanced security training helps close protection officers improve their communication skills and properly understand what their principal requires.
It is necessary for a security officer to communicate with others in a team, with his or her principal as well as with people coming to visit the principal. 
As such, strong communication skills help security officers avoid making mistakes and prevent issues due to miscommunication.
For instance, manner of speaking matters a lot and can result in misunderstanding when poorly executed. Similarly, the same sentence can be phrased in a manner to signify a request or an order (a request – will you be coming this way, an order – come this way).
Some other aspects that close protection officers need to focus on are accent, interpretation of words and lack of understanding of any specific language of their principal (such as of English). 
These issues can result in communication breakdown which may result in unnecessary conflict.  Advanced security training provides close protection officers with required knowledge to properly handle these situations.

Prevent Communication Breakdown

Another advantage of advanced security training is equipping a security officer with the clear understanding of the root causes of communication breakdown so that they may avoid them. 
Training gives the officers the confidence to request a clarification in case they are unable to clearly understand what was said. Such clarification can help in preventing a misunderstanding or wrong execution of any instruction.

Acquire Knowledge of First Aid

Knowledge of first aid is quite important for everyone but more so for a close protection officer. Advanced security training gives them the knowledge to provide first aid to their principal as and when required. Training will provide knowledge of:
• What First Aid is
• Resuscitation
• Personal hygiene
• Circulation
• Bleeding and wounds
• Bandages and dressings
• Duties first aider needs to perform
• Circulatory disorders
• Skeleton and fractures
• Scalding and burns
• Unconsciousness
Apart from first aid, advanced security training helps close protection officers understand how an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is used. 
Such device proves to be quite useful in case of cardiac arrest. Since close protection teams often carry along AEDs, it will be necessary for you to get the training on how to use them in case need arises.

A Final Note

From above details it is quite clear that training is quite important for a close protection officer and helps the person perform his or her duties in right manner. 
Having required knowledge, the person is also able to avoid mistakes which can be detrimental to security of his principal.

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