Can Real Estate Still Be a Good Investment

What a question we are all asking today. Why? Because of the many stock market investors who speculated in real estate, the problems surrounding sub-prime loans with the cake you produced foreclosures and bank failures, and falling home prices.

If the past due Dr. David Schumacher, my mentor within the past 10 years and author of the now-famous book, The Purchase and Hold Tricks of Actual Estate, were still around, I really know what he would say as they said it during the last recession in 1990-1995.

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He would tell us not to get worried. This is merely momentary and part of the usual cycle of real estate. You can also look for homes for sale in Puerto Vallarta via various online resources.

The Real Property Cycle

Real estate continues to be the best investment possible. It always has and always can do well over time.

This is actually the fourth real property cycle I have already been through and none of them of the downturns were fun. However, if you show patience and appearance in the future, your real property will rise in value more than any investment. Usually do not treat the real property as you may treat the currency markets, fretting about the ups and down.


Within the last 30 years, I’ve viewed many flippers who buy, fix up, and sell. I really do not know many who’ve much net well worth or are prosperous because of flipping. It really is just a very high-risk way to generate profits.

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