Different Types of Spa Holidays

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When looking for a luxurious and relaxing holiday, spa holidays are the preferred choice for people who want to get pampered while on vacation and want to rejuvenate the body. There are various types of spa holidays, some of which are described below:

1. Destination Spa Holidays

In this type of holiday, a whole resort is dedicated. This holiday provides the customers with a comprehensive program that includes relaxing therapies at the spa, fitness activities at the resort, seminars on health and fitness combined with a healthy diet menu for the duration of the holiday.

2. Medical Spa Holiday

This is a combination of medical and spa therapies that are used to create a relaxing environment. A health consultation and the supervision of a doctor in the spa are special features of such a holiday. Unlike a regular spa, a medical one includes a significant number of physiotherapists, aestheticians and osteopaths to overlook and carry out the daily treatments.

3. Thermal Spa Holidays

A thermal spa is one that is found around a spring. The spring is hot water gushing out from the earth’s crust. The hot water is known to improve blood circulation, increase metabolism, help in detoxification and relieve muscle pain in the body. Massage courses in Sydney can give more information about different types of spa holidays.

To conclude, it can be seen that there are various types of spa holidays available around the world. The choice of holiday depends on personal preference and the budget available.

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