Computers Tech – File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

"FTP" or "File Transfer Protocol" is the favorite service for moving files and out of computers which encourage a TCP/IP connection. With an FTP client files could be transferred to and from various programs, computers with different OS's(Operating Systems).

FTP also provides a simple and descriptive manner of accessing platform servers, and a simple way to navigate through their directory structure, and uploading/downloading documents. To get more info about FTP file transfer you may head to

Computers Tech - File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

How an FTP client works is that it opens up a link in the dynamically allocated port, over the 1023 port. Into a well-known interface, port 21, in which the FTP server you're attempting to link to is usually listening to incoming links through that interface. The customer is then asked for a username and password, which will permit you to log into the FTP Server.

Occasionally if specified anonymous ftp access, the username is "ftp" or "anonymous", and the password is usually his or her email address. Such FTP servers are provided by different providers/services on the World Wide Web, to give FTP access to publicly accessible files and data that do not hold copyrights.

Whenever someone logs in an FTP server with an FTP client and wishes to begin downloading or uploading documents, a PORT command is then delivered to the server from the FTP client.

Throughout the PORT command, the FTP client specifies that interface is prepared to send and get information from the FTP server. 

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