Some Healthy Smoothie Ideas

Trying to lose weight? Trying to eat better? If you are always trying but having a hard time succeeding, you should try making smoothies. Now most smoothies are heavy on the calories as well as the nutrition, but by making a few simple changes and additions you can make very healthy meal replacement smoothies. There is no need to buy anything unusual and a quick trip to the supermarket and a smoothie making machine are all you need.

I started on this because I really couldn't swallow one more meal replacement shake and I started to adapt them. I wanted something that would keep me full longer as well as provide me with all the nutrients I should be getting each day. I want to be able to say I eat 5 fruits and veggies daily and I get 25-35gm of fiber each day. The fiber was crucial to staying full and the fruits and veggies assure I am eating healthy.

Now first get a blender. As I make the shakes for myself only, I bought a small one that makes it easy to take with me to work. I also bought some snack size baggies so I could easily package up the ingredients so I would be able to cut down on preparation time.

Next, I bought a whole bunch of bananas. Some of the bananas are for my family to eat now and some for me to freeze for my smoothies later. Peel the bananas then package one half of a banana in each snack size bag. Place in the freezer and they will be ready to grab when you need them.

Next I bought some Flax Seed meal. This stuff provides plenty of Omega-3's, and fiber. You can't taste it in the smoothie but it keeps you full longer. Place two tablespoons into several of those snack size baggies. This provides you with about 4 gm of fiber each.

The base for each smoothie is ½ banana, one cup milk and 2 T flax seed meal. This base provides about 240 Kcal and 5.5 gm fiber. You can lower the calories to 210 if you use skim milk instead of 2%.

Now the fun part. Buy some frozen blueberries, strawberries, mango, pineapple and whatever fruit you want. Frozen is best for the smoothies but fresh and canned will also work. Now buy some bagged spinach, carrots, sweet potato and canned pumpkin. Veggies work great in smoothies and you can't even taste them. My kids didn't know about the veggies until I spilled the beans!

Take the smoothie base of half a banana, milk and flax seed and now add 1 cup blueberries and 1 cup spinach. Blend and enjoy. For about 320 Kcal you get over 9 grams of fiber, almost two servings of fruit and one veggie. You won't even taste the spinach.

Now take that same base and add ½ cup frozen pumpkin, 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice and 2 tsp of sugar and now you have a pumpkin pie smoothie for about 340 kcal and over 8 grams of fiber.

These are my two favorite smoothies, but I also love making an egg-less eggnog smoothie using ½ cup sweet potato, one cut up apple, ¼ tsp nutmeg, 2 tsp sugar. At just under 400kcal I get 8 gram of fiber and feel full for hours.

I used to love to get those frozen coffee drinks but now I just use the same smoothie base add 1 tsp coffee and 2 tsp sugar and I get the same taste at just under 300 kcal and still get over 5 grams of fiber.

I like real sugar and 2% milk, but these recipes could easy use skim milk and sugar substitute and you will still feel full.

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