Combo Ceiling Fans In Wind Generator

Have you ever started to think about all electricity you’re using in your home? All of us know those air-conditioning systems that run on electricity use a good deal of energy. Perhaps this is the reason why a lot of individuals have ceiling fans to keep the atmosphere so that they do not need to use the air conditioner that much.

It’s my contention that there’s a way, and I’d love to explore this for a moment, and possibly analyze a new notions along this subject – no, I would not call this one of my first thoughts, and I am sure it’s been done before, and possibly I might have even seen one somewhere in my worldly travels, which place this concept and thought in my mind, however we will need to talk about it.

Indeed this would be an excellent eco-innovation. Here’s how I’d go about eliminating the expense of power to run a ceiling fan. I’d use the outside air or wind currents to operate my ceiling fan and allow me to explain. Browse online websites if you want to know more about CEILING/FLOOR TYPE (AMENA).

As opposed to setting up a wind generator, and collecting the power to batteries, and then running off the fan of this, why not make it an all-around system. And why not make it mechanical so that it couldn’t break.

The less complicated we create something, the more Murphy evidence it is. By combining the systems with one common pole or shaft using paddles or rotating cups (like those on weather tools) on top for the wind energy capture, and ceiling fan blades in the area of the house, this could be accomplished.

When not needed the fan blades are just set in a zero pitch in the house and the system generates electricity, perhaps for something different.

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