Different Kinds Of Curtains for Hotel Use

This guide will have a brief examine what things to think about if buying curtains to be used in hotels, including the different kinds available concerning look and function in addition to the legal requirements of fire retardation. Curtains are strictly regulated under the law when used in hotel rooms.

Kinds of Curtains
There are various kinds, but as a short summary, there are the ones that hang from a rod and the ones that hang from a track. ‘Tab shirt’ and ‘eyelet top’ hang from a rod, where the drapes are threaded along a rod either by tabs on the curtain material stitched at the top or through eyelet holes left from the curtain cloth.┬áIf you want to explore more about innovative and creative design check out online websites.

Light and Blackout
Unlike curtains for home use, a significant consideration for hotel drapes is the control of lighting, this includes both suns, lights from outside the building (street lights or an office block), as well as the light within the room casting shadows of guests observable from the outside.

In blackout curtains, the light is obstructed by the lining, which may also give them a heavy feel of quality when attracted. This sort of lining will also shield the drapes from fading and give them a longer life consequently. ‘Blackout-lined drapes’ are widely available and at affordable cost from specialist suppliers.

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