Complications With Knee Replacements

Doctors and patients would exhaust every other possible therapy before finally considering this highly invasive surgery. People understood that the recovery time was very extended and that the results did not always include a return to full knee mobility. What is now understood though is that undergoing a partial knee replacement earlier on may reduce the possibility of the patient suffering some of the long term complications that come from having a total knee replacement.

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The years that pass by with knee surgeries has been performed, the further information we’ve got about the long-term complications of knee replacements.¬† Most data readily available now just copes with conditions that arise from the initial few years following a operation.


Because you can find patients managing artificial knees to get more and longer amounts of time, a growing number of information has been accumulated.

While physical therapy for knee replacement recover may continue on for several months, other activities can be slowly added back into your schedule. After six weeks, normal physical relations with your partner may resume.

If you play golf, this may be resumed after 12 weeks, but activities that cause excessive stress and can wear out a replaced knee quickly include football, jogging, jumping, and other jarring activities that may loosen the hardware. As each knee may only be operated on twice with this type of surgery, it’s very important to follow the instructions of your doctors and physical therapists carefully.

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