How The Constitutional Crisis Trump Russia Collusion Is Creating Waves

Calls are now being made for people to join the impeachment bandwagon. This is for the current President of the United States of America who has done and said some really suspicious things that could hurt his status and station. While the efforts to remove him from office are not snowballing yet, it might increase in momentum in the coming days.

The work of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is a key factor for this process. He is leading the investigation into Russian tampering in the national elections which has provided the constitutional crisis Trump Russia collusion. The preliminary reports have been given, and even though not too conclusive, the reaction of the President often hurts his reputation.

He has been given to express the most outrageous and damning things in social media and in public speeches. In any case these will not constitute a case of high crimes and misdemeanors which could lead to an impeachment. The signatures however are foretelling a coming time when enough evidence is in to weigh for such a process.

Care will always be needed when it comes to making a case against a President. This will often lead to tumultuous events, to destabilization and all sorts of weakening factors that could leave American society and nation open to any kind of attack. The attack could come from anywhere, and the upheaval could screen it.

That might sound too farfetched, but the way the current presidency is being run, it might just happen. Trump has made new enemies and insulted old friends, and the rumor and even details of a seeming collusion with Russia is one thing which has been turning off his supporters. It needs to be resolved and the results could either be damaging or on the side of this man in the Oval Office.

Even with vociferous denials and some really choice words for the conduct of the investigation, Trump, the president, will not be able to stem the tide of investigation. And popular opinion says that Mueller is conducting his work in a fair way. No matter what is said, the final report will be one that is going to be more or less objective.

Some key Trump people have been questioned or interviewed, and more are going to be interviewed. Emails are being accessed and there might be enough to provide further investigations of other people who might be involved. The mere mention of names in communications between Russians and the Trump team could lead to the case going wide open.

The public is in suspense about the results, and some Democratic Party stalwarts are already preparing for the worst news. That collusion happened between the Russians and Team Trump to win or even rig the past presidential election. When all the details surface, the political upheaval could be tremendous.

He has put the nation on some dangerous ground in terms of geopolitics. He has not done anything to enhance political relations with any potential enemy or opponent on the global scale. There is no concerted effort to have a relevant diplomatic policy, an economic policy and a military policy.

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