The New iPod Style Video Generation

Technical devices are on the one hand devices that enable practical application. However, growing concerns about how these devices should look and express their specific style are also not without significance.

The design of the new iPod video is unique and differs from all other iPod models, which basically include 4 generations of this device. First of all, the design of the new iPod should be adapted to the optimized functions of the product. Secondly, the most important factor in the design of this article was that it had to have a large color screen to ensure high quality video. In addition, even if it is a technical device, the iPod has always had a clean fashion that has made this object, in addition to the music supplier (photos and now movies), a fashionable accessory that young people preferred to use With this in mind, Apple designers were able to return more attention to all the aesthetic features of the device and took care of all the small details that really made the iPod look great. end

IPods have been found on the market in different colors since their appearance. From the bright and ingenious iPod of the first generation to the elegant and popular white iPod, the iPod has managed to maintain the same style, even through different colors. On the other hand, the most-known ads for iPods are always focused on bright colors such as orange, green, intense turquoise and lots of light pink. IPod video is currently available on the market in two basic colors: black and white, and the choice of these colors results from the fact that on the one hand the previous iPod nano had the same colors and was a great success, because it was introduced to the market and on the other hand , the fact that along with the new video on the iPod, marketing specialists and the advertising team wanted to promote a more serious aspect of the device, with a subtle and more elegant style. Despite this, the headphones of this device remain in the same white color since the first appearance of the iPod on the market in 2001.

Comments about the appearance and appearance of the new iPod video mention that some black headphones were expected, like others, to better suit the elegant look of the black iPod. What's more, when it comes to the colors of the new iPod video, critics mention that while people expect that the white iPod needs more maintenance than black, the reality shows that the dirt is much more visible in the black device, At the same time Apple offers in a large package that contains iPpod as a cover for the video device. This sleeve is light gray and manages to protect the iPod while keeping it clean.

The new iPod video package offers a lot of aesthetic and elegant features: the Apple text and logo on the case are silver embossed, which makes the black package elegant and elite, exactly what the company wanted.

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