Alanya- The Best Location to Find Your Dream Apartments

Alanya is a city, 150 km from the west of Antalya. The city was named and renamed several times, but now it’s named after Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of Modern Turkey.

There are a few places in Alanya which is seen in most cities in Turkey, like the markets, tourist places and much more. In Alanya every Friday, the farmers earn their new produce and market it to get negotiable rates.

Alanya is cheap city rather than other cities of Turkey, many tourists came here for traveling but when they know about the rates they go to buy apartments in Turkey at cheap rates (Which is also known as “купить Квартиры в Турции недорого” in the Russian language).

купить Квартиры в Турции недорого

The Town stretches itself out to the rugged property and is located between 2 shores. The mountain range, known as the Taurus, creates a background to the north. The beach to the west is called after Cleopatra.

Additionally, there are caves scattered around the beachfront. Among the bigger ones, the Damlatas, also called the “Cape of Dripping Stones” is amazingly covered with stalactites and stalagmites. A number of those other famous temples would be the Fosforlu Magara, that has phosphorescent stones as well as also the Kizlar Magarasi.

The Alanya Town is well-known for is imperial Citadel, which has been constructed in the 14th Century. You will find 150 towers which punctuate the walls of this well-preserved Citadel. A reddish tower joins to the castle, and this is just another sight to behold.

The harbor at Alanya holds several pubs, teahouses, restaurants, and cafes, which cater to both international and traditional cuisine. Tasks from town range from visiting belly dancers in the amphitheaters through to parasailing off the shore for people who have a little more soul.


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