Explain the different types of Fire Extinguisher

The Regulatory Reform Order at Britain puts a responsibility of attention to what it refers to as the ‘Responsible Person’ in each place of a job to ensure there’s sufficient supply of firefighting equipment and equipment has been kept in the good working arrangement.

The Responsible Individual may be anyone responsible for the task assumptions, usually the business operator or manager. This liability could be discussed within assumptions utilized by several businesses.

To put it differently, providing proper fire extinguisher on your home or work isn’t an optional extra, you’re legally able to accomplish it. This guide should allow you to assess that the fire extinguisher design(which is also known as “การออกแบบเครื่องดับเพลิง” in the Thai language) you will be the very best type and which you have got a lot of them at the right places.

Remember that having fire extinguishers in your workplace isn’t individuals are able to hang in there and fight a flame, however, if they’re necessary to simply exit the building safely.

Kinds of Fire Extinguisher – Colour-coding

Color programming of fire extinguishers within Britain shifted some time ago to create the UK in line with other European Union states. Going from something where the full fire-extinguisher has been a certain shade to a demonstrating a block of shade was seen by a few as a next step.

Along with coding system, today could be that almost all fire extinguishers are reddish in color, and with a cube of color equal to this extinguisher type only above the operating directions. The color codes are as follows:

Water: crimson

Carbon-dioxide: shameful

Foam: lotion

Dry Powder: gloomy

Wet Chemical: yellowish

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