Top Strategies for Personal Trainers – Managing Your Personal Training Business

We talked about building systems in our final training suggestion; make sure that you get a solid software system that is suitable for you when it comes to doing personal training, sending invoices and devoting monthly payments.   

Top Strategies for Personal Trainers - Managing Your Personal Training Business

 If you want any special personal training suggestions in any specific area you might be struggling with please don't hesitate to reply to this and we'll gladly assist!

Let us start off by stating that generally speaking ADMINISTRATION isn't every private trainer's strong point! In actuality, I believe most South African PT's are pretty bad at handling their reservations, accounts, collecting outstanding income and issuing invoices properly and in time.

Here are a few tips to help you manage your business and reap the benefits of a strong administration element:

First of All, set your admin policies and procedures in writing to your customers; it is not something you need to push too hard, but it is important they know at least the following key components:

Can you invoice in arrears or in advance?

Can you charge for late cancellations and what's a late cancellation concerning notice period?

Can missed sessions be made up during the month and are sessions transferable?

What's the session rate?

Is there a discount if I commit to a fixed monthly fee?

When are bills sent out and when do balances will need to be settled by?

Top strategies for private coaches are posted to help throughout South Africa to administer professional and effective practices in an effort to increase the quality of exercise to the benefit of the client and the trainer.


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