How To Tip The Chauffeur Of The Limo Cab?

If you are travelling in a limo for the first time or you are a frequent traveler, then you must have given a thought about whether you pay a tip to the chauffeur or how much tip should be given. Well, before you take any decision on the tip, it is important that you read below-mentioned information.

Chauffeurs are min-wage employees: No doubt, Melbourne cabs, and services offer proper respect and honor to the chauffeur but if we talk in terms of their salaries, then it is minimum.

Customers pay only from the time they picked from location to the time they dropped-off.

When you book a limo in Melbourne, you don't pay for the rest of the time which includes cleaning the limo, parking of Limo in the garage, decorating, vacuuming and garbage removal etc. Chauffeurs execute these tasks on their own.

Chauffeurs have no flexible timings

Sometimes drivers of a limo have to work all day without any break. They may have to work for small journeys at stretch and they rarely receive any reward for it.

Men are often good donor than women

This is a fact and I hope there is no need for further discussion on it.

Drivers believe that drunken passengers pay more tips than normal passengers

When people hire a cab for Bar-hopping, they are least bothered about the time especially when they start drinking.

Punctuality, Honesty, and Reliability

When you book a limo, the chauffeur along with the car reach at the station no matter what time you are booking a cab. You can call them even at odd hours. If you are traveling in a car with luggage, then you can keep the luggage and walk out for shopping without any fear of being stolen from car. You can rely on them and follow their advice to reach the destination in the best possible time.

Any delay from your end

If you have booked a cab and driver has reached your location waiting for you to come out of the home, then by the time, he can serve another client easily. If you stuck in the same situation, then you can easily imagine the annoyance of the person waiting for you for long.

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