How To Avoid Bad Makeovers

Young people are just so lucky. Their skin is so healthy and so bursting with youth that they can do almost anything with their skin and it just looks good. No matter how adventurous their makeup, there is no such thing as bad make up with them. It's when you get past 30 or so that makeup actually begins to be a kind of disguise rather than a fun way to do up your space. Suddenly, makeup has a function – it’s supposed to hide any signs of aging or fatigue. And if you make a mistake with too much makeup or too little, it can have all kinds of unflattering effects. How do you stay clear of these mistakes? Well, leading Aberdeen makeup artist Alana MacRae has a few bits of advice regarding this subject.

Once you’re past 30, you want to set aside the makeup law says that your foundation always has to closely match your natural complexion. The thing is, skin becomes paler as you age. It's something you need to disguise. You need more color there. What you're looking for then is a slightly darker shade than your skin is.

At some point in your 30s, you're going to start to need concealer. The only problem is that concealer can sometimes actually make your lines stand out.  Using it could turn into a bad make up habit. Instead of staying above your lines and concealing them, it'll sink into them and harden their edges. To keep this from happening, make sure that you only use concealer for certain parts of the face. 

Under your eyes, on the side your nose is on, would be a great idea. It would help cover over dark circles. Even better, you could do without concealer completely and just use a highlighter pen. These are moisturizing and they just bring out your eyes. The Smoothing & Brightening Concealer from Sephora does this.

Once you’re 30, you're supposed to use your blush differently. When you're young, you take your blush brush from mouth to ear. Do that past 30 and that somehow highlights your cheekbones and makes you look gaunt. It becomes a bad make up habit. Just use your blush brush high up on your cheeks, and that's it.

Staying away from the lipstick is a great idea as you age. No, you don't have to go out with no lip color at all. You just need to use the lip brush instead – something like the Revlon Covered Lip Brush. You just need to use the brush to dab a little color from a lipstick tube on your lips.

And finally, when it comes to eye makeup, there's a lot of change needed as you get past 30. If you use too much concealer, it's going to just dry and show the wrinkles up. Far better idea would be to use a coat of Perfecting Eye Primer from Sephora.

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