Get Discount Offers with Conditions

The most common discount and bargain used in online purchases and even in actual stores are the buy one free one offer. Meaning if you buy 1 electric fan, you will receive another electric fan for free. Mostly the two products are really the same in model, specification and price. So instead of buying only one you are actually buying two at the price of one. That means the discount is 50% of the price.

There are discount offers that are a little low on the discount percentage and also have restrictions or conditions attached to it as in this coupon: 15% off $100 or more. In this case the discount is the 15% but the condition is for the purchase to reach $100 or more. If your purchase cannot reach $100, then you are not entitled to a discount. Not unless you have other discount coupons that does not require a specific amount for the discount to be effective. That is what makes this discounts limited with the 15% off $100 or more. Which brings us back to the buy one free one offer, a 50% discount but the discount is a product while in the other offer you will have a cash discount. An amount you can use for other purposes or it can be saved too.

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