Best Bamboo Sheets on the Market

Some may think it's easy to find the best bamboo sheets, but there is a lot to this story. I'll attempt to keep it as short as possible, so we will hit key points only so you can further investigate for yourself.

The first thing to understand is that there are only 4 basic versions of bamboo sheets. There is bamboo viscose, which is in fact rayon. Then there is bamboo modal, which is second generation rayon, and next is bamboo lyocell, which uses nanotechnology.

Bamboo linen is an entirely different experience as number 4 in the list. These are the more natural, sustainable bamboo sheets and are the only ones that can actually call themselves bamboo sheets from a legal perspective. It's actually illegal for companies to advertise bamboo viscose, modal or lyocell without specifically mentioning that it is indeed rayon or lyocell made with bamboo. They are legally synthetic fibers.

Each of these methods, fibers and weaves are different and give you a different feel, more or less anti-bacterial properties, wicking ability and other pros and cons for each different type. They also differ in qualities such as silky smooth to crisp and ridged.

Just so you can get an idea about how the first 3 types may feel, rayon was first invented as a synthetic silk. Real silk was very unaffordable for most people in the world at the time, and it filled that market void for many years.

The expereince is somewhere inbetween the feel of high quality silk and Egyptian cotton sheets. Finding the best is a second issue with all of the marketing tactics. You need to look at the brands you are dealing with. Where the product is made is also a factor. There are artisens who've been making fine sheets and other textiles for many generations. This is true of Italy specifically.

So, what's the solution? You find sites that have already done the work for you, those that sift the wheat from the chaff and delivering you list of the best bamboo sheets on the market. BedSpace has one such list at this link:

Do your homework before you go shopping, find informational guides and learn the means and lingo associated with bamboo sheets. Also pay attention to brands and use others who've already done the work for you and read reviews.

When it comes to reviews, you have to understand that some portion of the populace will not be happy with any product. I personally never buy anything under 4 stars with at least 50 reviews unless it's very expensive, such as a nice set of Egyptian cotton sheets. This example would not be about the number of stars as much as the number of reviews. If a set of sheets are over 2k, then you're going to have less reviews.


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