Main Causes of Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood Flow

Low flow of blood through arteries or veins results in low blood pressure or hypotension. If the flow of blood drops significantly below the normal systolic diastolic 120/80 reading levels it will cause less oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to life sustaining organs like the brain, the heart, and kidneys. Risk of damage to these vital organs is inevitable.

Postural Hypotension

One form of low blood pressure is referred to as ‘postural hypotension’. This occurs when the blood pressure drops due to a person’s change of posture.

Effects of Medication and Surgery

Surgical procedures will result in blood pressure fluctuations. Therefore, occurrence of low blood pressure after surgery is recognised and monitored. Certain medical treatments involving drugs will cause low blood pressure effects that result in dizziness and feeling faint. The drugs cause the heart rate to drop leading to less blood pumping and in turn poor circulation around the body.

Over Exercise

Rapid loss of body fluid due to excessive exercise or other physical exertion and simply not replacing fluids like not drinking enough water will result in drop in blood pressure. Also, a person suffering from nausea, persistent vomiting, and diarrhoea will lose excessive body fluids. This also results in blood pressure drop. Depending on the severity of the drop, the person will certain feely poorly but may also experience orthostatic hypotension.

Low blood pressure and Age

The heart muscle naturally weakens with longevity. This can be the case even with someone who has remained fit and followed healthy living. Low blood pressure is a fact of life in weak and frail elderly people.

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