Home Heating Oil – The Truth And the Fiction

Few sources of energy for the house are as misunderstood as heating oil. There is a lot of common misconceptions surrounding oil; that may deter people from choosing to heat their home using this method. Here's a concise guide, outlining the facts of utilizing systems to your house and debunking some of the myths! If you want more information about home heating oil you may contact us.

Home Heating Oil - The Truth And the Fiction

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Home heating oil: The Truth

1. It is not dangerous.

Firstly, a Truth. Any heating system has the potential to be dangerous, irrespective of how it's fuelled. If the system isn't properly maintained, serviced and cared for, then it can pose a danger in the house.

However, with the correct care and attention, isn't dangerous. If stored properly, it poses no danger to anyone; though it's important to make certain your tank is checked regularly for leaks. If your boiler is regularly serviced by a professional heating engineer.

2. It is not expensive.

Another common misconception is that oil is expensive, and consequently, it is not cost effective to heat your house using a system. This simply isn't true. Unlike other fuels, oil prices are in continual fluctuation; that can occasionally result in elevated prices, but could also mean low prices also.

3. It is not bad for the environment.

When it comes to the environment, oil really does get a bad press. But, when compared to the emissions released by a gas boiler, oil boilers really create less harmful CO2. Lots of men and women who heat their house using oil also form purchasing groups with neighbors; that reduces CO2 emissions from tanker shipping. 

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