Most Common Unprofessional Behaviors

Culture Shock

Culture shock is triggered by the sudden reduction of familiarity with cues and standards that orient us in our everyday lives. These cues contain everything in the significance of facial expressions and hand gestures to ideas of comedy and common courtesy.

With culture shock, you suddenly can’t quite comprehend those around you, and, they don’t know you. However open-minded or accepting, all travellers are prone to culture shock, due to their way of interacting efficiently with society are knocked out from beneath them.



A much more subtle reason of unprofessional behaviour is ethnocentrism — that the subconscious presumption there is one ordinary, single method of doing things, which deviations from that universal arrangement are mistaken. To know more about Unsafe Working Conditions and Imminent Danger then you can browse to the online web sources.

Ethnocentrism is a dangerous pitfall for volunteers engaged in health clinics overseas, as a way to health care differs widely; the ideal approach to patient attention greatly depends upon circumstance, habits, and individual beliefs.

Value Differences

Culture shock is a holistic response to unfamiliarity, and ethnocentrism copes with subconscious assumptions of excellence. Value differences, on the other hand, refer to ethnic ethical codes; if a naïve exude violates this type of code, they can easily upset neighbourhood caregivers, coordinators, managers and patients.

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