EtG Test for Confirming Alcohol Abstinence

All people are familiar with breath, blood and urine ethanol tests. Unfortunately these tests carry a very limited detection window. They are made to detect alcohol while the person is under the effect, or soon thereafter. Depending on the quantity of alcohol that's been consumed, conventional ETG alcohol test can only detect utilization within the last couple hours. View more here:

The common tests won't detect alcohol use from long ago, and sadly many testing locations aren't available over weekends – which is when a great deal of drinking occurs. For situations like this, the EtG evaluation is the best alternative. The metabolite itself can exist inside urine for up to 80 hours following consumption, awarding a far greater detection window interval than the normal vapor screens. The evaluation is a superb way to monitor a person/people who are not assumed to be drinking alcohol.

The Etg test may also be used to monitor underage drinking as well. As many of us know, adolescent drinking may be a difficult problem for families and parents to handle. The need to submit urine to get an EtG display is motivation and initiative to prevent alcohol use. Teens are not the only individuals who experience trouble with alcohol. Adults may also suffer with alcohol abuse problems as well. Sometimes the only ability to submit to return a negative EtG result can be a fantastic incentive to stay sober.

If you're concerned about someone's drinking, whether it may be an employee, a friend, spouse or family member, it is beneficial to both of you to assist them. With proper therapy, counseling and tracking the chances of overcoming a problem with substance abuse could be significantly enhanced. The EtG evaluation provides an accurate and efficient way of monitoring alcohol use over extended intervals.


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