How Do Mold Tests Work?

Mold tests can be concerning to get, considering you can’t be sure if they work or not. The best thing you can do is go off other customer reviews, but there are certain brands that are more reliable than others. They are somewhat expensive, but they come with a very important scientific review of what the mold is.

The most that you have to do is get a sample to the lab so that they can test it and tell you what mold you have in your home. This can be a scary experience, but there’s always ways to go about it. Never panic when you find out you have mold.

There are a few different tests you can consider at

Some mold tests have different ways of going about testing for mold. Some tests have small capsules that you can put the samples in. Others have petri dishes that you have to mix a solution at the bottom. These tests are all valid, though you may need to use the petri dish for air quality testing.

It can collect mold spores from the air and it will possibly grow at the bottom of the petri dish. Sending this in to the laboratory will tell you if you have a mold problem or not. It’s possible that the mold type you have isn’t toxic, but make sure you know either way.

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