Review of Cooler Master Elite 310 Case

Cooler Master is by many regarded as the number one maker of high-end instances for gamers and overclockers.

But everybody doesn't need all of the additional features and details that you'll discover in Cooler Master's high-end instances.

There are individuals that are only looking for a very simple and affordable situation to mount their method in.

To be able to cover the requirement for those less complicated situations, reliable cooler master has launched the Elite 310.

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This instance might not possess the smart details in the top line instances, but it can have a stunning finishing and also a structural sturdiness equivalent to the very top the high-end instances.

Before additional going into any specifics, let us take a look at the technical specifications:

Cooler Master Elite 310 (RC-310-BWN1-GP)

Dimensions-191 x 437 x 468 Millimeters

Material-Steel and plastic

Weight-5.8 kg


5.25-inch expansion bays              4 outside convertible + one

3.5-inch expansion bays                6 inner

Cooling system Rear: 120mm x one enthusiast

PCI expansion slots         7

There is no too much to say regarding the front. It retains a reset button power button along with the corresponding LEDs.

Moreover; front carries a string of connectors in the base, with the normal USB 2.0; both FireWire and audio connectors.

What's unusual is that it also holds an eSATA interface that's excellent. 1 possible problem concerning the job of the straps is they aren't protected from dust.

The ideal side of this situation is completely clean, however; the left side (seen from the front) holds two places for 80, 92 or 120mm fans. The goal is that these lovers can extract the hot air coming out of the graphics card and the CPU.

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